Mikes Vine Viewer Wishlist Part 1

Just a couple of things I find myself longing for in this wonderful VNC viewer (if they already exist, how do I do them):

  1. Full screen mode, toggled with a hot key. Not just zoom which almost gets there but leaves the local menu bar. It would be nice if a 1024x768 setting on the remote screen could be viewed on a 1024x768 laptop without needing to scroll. I really like the scale-to-fit, but I find my self switching back and forth between full-size and scaled. I want to see the whole screen sometimes, but when I do, I can’t read some of the altered text.

2a. A hot key that forces the next key combo to be sent as-is to the remote machine, so that anything can be sent without interpretation by the local machine, when needed. Mostly useful for sending command or option combos that are now acted on by the local machine, but don’t have special menu entries for sending them across the pond.


2b. A key .config file where any key or key combination on the local machine can be preset as to which side should handle it. An escape key could then reverse the .config setting if needed.

  1. When the remote machine is another mac, scale-to-fit works well. Even though text may be reduced in size, it is still readable. But with Windows, scale-to-fit completely garbles the text so that it is unreadable. Is there a way to fix it? Without actually modifying setting on the PC?

Thanks for listening,
Mike Jalkut

A1: Full screen is on the nice to have feature list, and we hope to have it implemented for a future release.

A2a: There are some system level command or key sequences you are looking to send, like screen capture or the like? You may want to then look at the Eggplant Green product instead since you are really starting to ask about scripting or tasking remove system and controls.

A2b: see A2a

A3: I run Vine Viewer both from Eggplant and Standalone without any problems in scaling. The reason the text is ‘garbled’ in large part is that mac dithering/aliasing is done with some level of intelligence and readability in mind. Windows is done with a best fit to pixel blocks and thus when scaled looked really goofy at best. This is well documented online and here is a good article about this topic.

It should also get very interesting when apple moves to vector (mathematical descriptions instead of pixelations) and windows stays with the ‘clear’ way of drawing text to a grid.


Thanks for the instant reply and information.