Menu Accelerators on Windows

Hello, All.

The menu accelerators on windows (any flavor) appear to be getting in the way of the TIG. Does anyone know a way to permanently hide the accelerators. The only option I’ve found (Control Panel–>Display–>Effects) only hides them until the ALT key is hit.

Aside from that, could we get Eggplant to be smarter about this in a future release?


Using the Windows TIG (only) you can represent the menu accelerator by preceding the character with an &. (If you want an actual & then you must do &&).

So “&File” or “E&xit”.

Let us know if that helps you or if you are still running into problems.

Thanks, Jonathan. I’ll give this a try

That would make a bunch of our code non-crossplatform, however. :expressionless:

We probably ought to consider making “&” ignored by other text generators, at least as an option.

We’ll look into that.

The forthcoming Eggplant 4.1 addresses this issue in a more comprehensive way that is consistent across the different TIGs. Standard HTML-type markup tags will be supported when a “useMarkup” property is specified, otherwise all text will be treated literally on all platforms. Not all TIGs support all markup tags equally at this time, but we are aiming for consistency. The peculiarity of the Windows TIG in using "&"s as mentioned above is no longer supported but adding will allow you to underline characters in this way.