Memory Leak?

I’m finding my Mac Pro 2GB progressively wiring down RAM pages up to when it starts to trash (at about 1.5 GB wired down). The usual system/unix tools do not reveal the process who is leaking. After having experimented by disabling programs though, the problem seems to be with Vine/OSXVNC. If there is anybody here wanting dumps or attach to the process, I would be willing to help. - sea

It would be helpful to definitively conclude with profiling tools your problem with memory. I have been running Vine Server and Client for 6 days non stop, with multiple connections, and no memory leaks. Please provide dumps, or application profiling information to show which application/process is leaking memory.

sea800, you can send profiles to It would also be helpful to know your connection scenarios. Do you use SSH? What servers do you connect to? Do you change color profiles?

As we continue to investigate resource consumption issues; one scenario to keep in mind is whether we are dealing with the on-screen user, or a user account that is fast user switched off-screen. Accessing off-screen users is a new part of Mac OS X and tends to be very resource intensive (it might be the source of some memory leaks).

In order to “profile” Vine to see if there is a leak in the Server you can use the Activity Monitor application inside /Applications/Utilities. You can highlight a process (like the Vine Server GUI or the OSXvnc-server underlying process) and double click to view it’s memory and usage statistics. If you see rampant growth feel free to report statsics using these tools.