Memory leak in Vine Server?


I’m running Vine Server 3.0 on OS X 10.5.5. Every now and then I see excessive memory use: today the OSXvnc-server process is taking 1,007 MB of real memory and 1.74 GB of virtual.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to pinpoint what causes this. Vine Server is running on my ‘server’ machine. I connect to the ‘background user’ (logged in but not on screen using Fast User Switching) using Apple’s Screen Sharing (again from OS X 10.5.5). My best guess of the cause is millions of screen updates as Retrospect gives file-by-file progress of its backups.

If I click on Restart Server OSXvnc-server will crash but then will use a much more reasonable amount of memory (11 MB real 894 virtual). I don’t know if the crash is related but can send through a crash log if desired. OSXvnc-server doesn’t crash when quitting (e.g. during system restart/shutdown).