Master script to run schedules in a suite?


I’ve created an example of a master script to run a bunch of scripts but I was just wondering if the following is possible?

I would like to run a schedule that is in a suite so rather than referencing each and every script in the master script I will just reference the schedule which has the scripts contained within it.

Is this possible?

You can’t run a schedule from a script, if that’s what you’re asking. You can obviously create a schedule in the Schedule tab and run that directly, or you can run it by running eggPlant in command-line mode and specifying the Suite as the thing to run.

The master script approach gives you much more control over how the scripts are executed, allowing you to run scripts conditionally based on the results of other scripts, or to repeat the execution of individual scripts an arbitrary number of times.

You’ll probably want to use the RunWithNewResults command to execute each script as it’s own run so that you don’t end up with one single log and result for all of the scripts called by your master script.