Maintaining All Save Results Under One Machine


I was wondering if there is any function or method in EggPlant that allows me to save all my results under one machine in one location on the local C drive. Currently, I have some files under the SUT unit in the local C drive I would like to move over to my local C drive.

One more question, is there any virtual machine program/software for windows that can share one common file location within the machine?


Regarding VM and file access: Using Parallels 8 you can access your Mac files from a Windows VM. By default Parallels maps your Home folder, but you can add other locations as well. I have not tested this using EggPlant yet, but just on a daily basis of using Parallels I access files on my Mac all of the time.

In eggPlant on a per-suite basis you can change where Results are stored under the Settings Tab. If you have a mounted network drive (or shared VM Drive) then you can share all your results there.