Mac Viewer will not refresh Vista server


I’m using the Vine 3.0 client on a Mac OSX 10.5 machine, and I am reverse connection to a Vista laptop, which is running a TightVNC server. No problem connecting, but then things get weird:

  1. the Vista screen turns solid black;
  2. the Vista screen will not refresh; I must manually refresh the screen and sometimes, it will in fact refresh. For example, even though I close an Explorer window, it will not close in my Vine Viewer!

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,

My best suggestion is to use RealVNC server – it just works. TightVNC will probably work if you get the settings just right, but I’ve tried using it against an XP machine and it wouldn’t display the menus in Word, even though they were definitely being displayed on the machine. In short, if you’re not seeing everything with TightVNC, I think that’s a shortcoming of the server, not the viewer. I regularly use the Vine Viewer with RealVNC running on Vista (64 bit) and I don’t see any problems with the display.

Thanks!! I’ll give it a go.