Mac or Windows?

Is there any particular advantage of installing Eggplant on a Mac over a Windows machine? Or does Eggplant work just as well for both Windows and Mac.


I’ve found Eggplant to be much more consistent on Mac than PC. We have had cases where it crashes more on the PC. Images being found on a more intermittent basis.

If you have the option - go mac

The Mac version still has a few features that are not yet available on Windows and Linux.
[list]* Bonjour/Zeroconf Server Detection

  • Movie Recording
  • Support for ICO, PICT, or PDF Image Formats
  • Built-In SSH connection support

Brief update: The ability to parse, create and modify XML (Tree) data is now supported on Windows and Linux as well as Mac (starting with eggPlant version 11.2).