Login Window Sometimes Not Returned To

This appears to be a bug and can be fairly easily be reproduced (it happens more often than not) using the method and, perhaps necessarily, the systems as detailed below.

VNC Server: Vine System Server 3.0 only (not ?Desktop? one) with no variation from the default preferences.

Client Computer: Mac mini Intel Core Duo running 10.4.11 and connected to an Apple 23? Cinema Display at full resolution.

Server Computer: Mac mini Intel Core 2 Duo running 10.4.11 and connected to an Apple 20? Cinema Display at full resolution.

VNC Clients: Vine Viewer 3.0 + Chicken Of The VNC 2.0b3

Network: AirPort Express LAN with fixed IP addresses.

  1. Boot the server computer and await the appearance of the Login Window
  2. Connect to the server computer via the client computer using a VNC viewer
  3. Log into a Standard account
  4. Fast Switch to an Admin account - the connection drops
  5. Connect - the Standard account is redisplayed whilst the Admin account is shown (via the menu bar Name selector) as logged in
  6. Log out - the connection drops
  7. Connect - the Admin account is presented (i.e. it’s logged in) whilst the Standard account is, as expected, shown as logged out
  8. Log out - the screen goes blank (i.e. pale blue) as it would just prior to displaying the Login Window and there it stays ? i.e. hung.

I would have expected step 5 to show the Admin account desktop ? something which happens on the rare occasions this doesn?t fail as shown - something CotV always does when it’s working with the VNC feature provided with the Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) service. When I remotely access a computer I want control as if I was sat in front of it as with the latter configuration - though independant logins via the Desktop Server are a boon.


a. The connections after the first are automatic with Vine Viewer 3.0 ? one of a number of reasons why I?ll be buying it.
b. The problem also arises when the client and server computers are swapped over ? no surprise there.
c. I don’t know if the mix of Standard and Admin accounts is relevant - it simply being the case that’s what I have on my systems.

I?ve also got a G4 Mac mini running 10.4.11 - as has my mum - and I managed to hang hers with a not dissimilar procedure. So, it’s both a PPC and an Intel machine problem.

If this is a bug ? and I?m fairly sure it is ? it?s rather nasty and needs nailing sooner rather than later. Whatever the case clarification that using the System Server should be like using CotV with ARD(+VNC) would be appreciated.

Problem confirmed, thanks for posting the detailed replication notes, they really do help.