list reordering supported?

With Vine Viewer is there any way to reorder the connection list manually? Regardless of version.

I know it can be sorted a number of ways via the column headings, but I have about 35 connections which cannot be sorted into logical groups that way. Even something like the ability to tag connections with keywords and sort via those would be really helpful!


Currently there isn’t a way to do this. We’ll take that as a feature request for a future version. Thanks!

Oh. One thought just occurred to me. As a way to do this for now, you might try “tagging” each of your connections by prepending a group identifier (or “keyword” as you suggested) in front of the Display Name of each connection. For example, instead of “Tiger1” you could edit the connection and set the display name to “A - Tiger1”.

Then, if you sort the list by name, all of the connections in the “A” group will be listed first. That should give you pretty much what you want right now.