List of images within Eggplant different than through OS?

Using Eggplant for the first time also marks my first extensive use of the Mac OS. So, please excuse me if this is more of a general OS X question than Eggplant specific.

When I pull up the Images list in Eggplant (via results | images), I see a handful. However, when I pull it up through the OS (file manager?) there are many many more. One way I can prove there are other files is if I save a “new” image with the same filename, it’ll prompt me to overwrite, despite that file not appearing in the Eggplant filelist. I only have one folder (Test_2) that I use so I know that’s not the case.

Could it be that I accidentally “hid” the files inside Eggplant somehow?

First, you will see twice as many files in the folder in the Finder (the Mac OS name for the file manager) as there are images in the suite, because each image also has a .imageinfo file associated with it. The Images tab only shows the TIFFs, but it uses the .imageinfo files to display information about the TIFFs.

Second, Eggplant only displays imags that end with .TIFF; if you edit an image or create an image and save it with the extension .TIF, which is the default for Photoshop and other applications, Eggplant won’t display it. However, it also wouldn’t be the same file as one with the .TIFF extension, so Eggplant wouldn’t ask if you wanted to overwrite it.

One thing that might help you is to go to the Finder and open the Preferences panel (it’s accessible from the Finder menu or you can press Command (the Apple key) and the comma key to open it via the keyboard). Go to the “Advanced” tab and make sure that “Show all file extensions” is checked – that way you’ll be able to see that MyImage.tiff, MyImage.imageinfo, and MyImage.tif are different files.

Aside from that, we’d need more information on the files in your suite that Eggplant isn’t displaying. Let us know if this is just a problem of perception or if there is actually something weird going on.

  • Matt