Line number in editor

The scenario: My eggplant script dies and tells me it died on line xxx.
The request: I would like the editor to either have a goto line # feature or have the ability to add line numbers to my code.

Currently we don’t have a way to jump to a specific line number; it’s an oft requested feature though so maybe it’s about time to implement it.

One feature that IS in place works with the Log View on the Results tab. If you double-click any line in the log (including Exceptions) Eggplant will take you immediately to that line of script. This is very helpful for debugging.

Finally, one additional feature is to highlight a line in the script shown in the Run Window and then hit the Edit Script button on the Run Window toolbar.

View/Hide Line numbering in the script editor would be helpful for sure.
Also column numbering… it can get confusing when you’re in a heavily nested function.