Leopard screen sharing overwriting vine server?

I have both screen sharing and vine server running on ports 5900 and 5905 respectively. I know that leopard’s screen sharing only allows full quality (slow over the net) vnc connections, but I can’t seem to connect to Vine server at any other quality setting either (It accepts the password but immediately closes any VNC client).

Is Leopard somehow restricting Vine server 3’s quality setting to the max?


J King

As long as you have Vine Server running on 5905 then it shouldn’t be impacted at all by the Leopard Screen Sharing. You might want to make sure that your port forwarding is properly getting you to port 5905 and not to 5900.

Hi and thanks for replying.

I made sure that the port forwarding is set up right. TightVNC and UltraVNC both ask me for my password, show a “loading initial screen” and then exit before asking showing me part of the desktop.

Keeping the Console window open, I see a “Protocol version d.d” and “ignoring version mismatch” error right before it takes my password and closes. Does this mean anything?

Thanks again,


That sounds right – the next line should be something like-
Pixel format for client
If you aren’t getting that then something is indeed going wrong when the client is trying to set the pixel format, see if you can identify exactly which formats cause a disconnect and which ones work.