Leopard not sleeping after installing Vine 3.0

Running 10.5.5. Vine Server is working great, I’m using a system server and the settings are set to allow sleeping. The system doesn’t go to sleep by itself anymore though. If I tell it to from the menu, it works though. Are there any fixes in the beta that might help? I like the auto-sleep in OS X, and it actually wakes up properly, unlike that other OS. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed the same behaviour (ignoring the preferences sleep settings
on reboot), but never associated it with Vine Server. Are you sure about

Anyway, I’ve taken to running the following command after each reboot
in a Terminal window to restore all my sleep settings.

sudo pmset -a sleep 0 displaysleep 1 autorestart 1 hibernatemode 0 powerbutton 1 halfdim 1 womp 1 ttyskeepawake 0 disksleep 0

(that’s all on one line as a single command)

Check the “pmset” man page for more info.

Also, check out the “Caffeine” application for MacOS. Easy no-sleep.

I’m reasonably sure it’s related to Vine. It didn’t happen before I installed Vine. I suppose I could remove it and check again.

As you might tell from my “pmset” settings, the only sleep I allow is
display sleep. I keep my disk and CPU running all the time, which I
feel is appropriate for a server (SSH and VNC) system. Sleeping is
complicated, and the dependencies may be catching you out.

What?s Vine actually? Is this a source of Linux or it is used to operate Linux? I have already read the description but I?m still confused and cannot understand the purpose of Vine.

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It’s a VNC server for OSX. Nothing to do with Linux really, except that a linux box could use a VNC client to remote control the OSX box.