Leopard and using VNC with multiple users

I am a novice at how to set up the VNC server properly on my iMac running Leopard. I have multiple users set up on the machine and use fast user switching. I have the VNC working perfectly when I am logged in as the same user under which the Vine server is running. When is switch to another user I am not able to ligon using VNC (without logging out of the user under which the server is running). I have the stop server on fast user switching box unchecked.

Can someone please tell me if there is a way to make this work when the machine is logged in to a different user?



Just set up each user to launch Vine Server on login. Use a different port number for each user and you’ll be able to have multiple servers running at once, one for each logged-in user. Under Tiger and later using Fast User Switching you’ll be able to use a remote VNC client to connect to any user in this way, whether or not they are the current console user.