Launching Applications on SUT?

I want my script to launch a program on the SUT. However I cannot do it visually as the icons may look different depending on which machine is used for the SUT. Is there a way I can have Eggplant start the app without having to rely on visual cues?


There is more than one solution to this; it’s just a matter of which you think you can rely on.

One solution is to go ahead and capture all those different images. Then you can have Eggplant search for any one of those images. When the image is found, you can tell Eggplant to click on the image that was found. If it isn’t found, or if it finds the wrong image, you’ll have some debugging to do.

Another solution that I use on my Windows SUTs is to send R to bring up the run dialog. Then I type in the command I want to execute.

Actually, if the icons differ visually you can always use an image collection to define a set of related images to use within your script. This is actually the recommended approach to use when you have two different images on two different machines that need to be used for a single command.

An image collection is just a folder of images that contain acceptable variations of the same thing. The nice thing about this is that your script can just reference the folder name and Eggplant will use whichever image that it finds first within that collection to execute the command.

Btw, this applies to Eggplant version 4 only. You can read all about “Image Collections” in the Eggplant Ref manual.

Good stuff. Thanks.