Killing osxvnc-ser for good

Hi there,

I toyed around with vine on Leopard Server a while back, and have since deleted it, however I’ve noticed that osxvnc-ser continues to launch at boot, and seems to be interfering with my web services (I believe I set vine to use port 80). When the server is at the login screen, osxvnc-ser is running and visiting the site hosted on the box results in an RFB 003.008 screen. Logging in to my admin account seems to stop the service and allows the site to function normally, as does killing the service via an ARD unix command while the server is at the login screen.

I’d really like to eliminate this problem altogether. is there a command I can run from the terminal to stop the service from running, or is there a file somewhere I neglected to delete? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. :slight_smile:

If you installed a system server you can delete it from the Vine but if you’ve removed that you can make sure to delete the following directories:

It was the appsupport folder. Thanks a lot!