Keyword Driven Fails with Different Mac Machine

Hi ,

Iam using keyword driven approach for my scripting . My Scripts executes correctly in PowerMac and MiniMac Machines , but when i execute the same in iMac Machine ,some line of code fails saying Image cannot be found .

For Example ,

I have the following Menu in my Application

Menu Picture attached.

and iam using the following code to access the menu items.

Click (Text:“Admin”, TextSize:“14”,TextFont:“LucidaGrande”, Text Color:(0,0,0),TextBackgroundColor:(232,232,232))

following code works perfectly when i ran in MacMini Machine and PowerMac Machine as my SUT but when i use iMac as my SUT its giving error as not able to find image.

NOTE: display of all my SUT’s being the same

can anyone please help us out to resolve this issue.

Thanks In Advance.

You say that all of the displays on your SUTs are the same – do you mean the physical displays? The physical display doesn’t matter, what you need to check is the “font smoothing style” setting, which is found in the Appearance System Preference. Make sure that all of your SUTs are using the same setting as your Eggplant machine. If your Eggplant machine is set to use the Automatic setting, change it to one of the other fixed settings and change all your SUTs to the same value (“automatic” could be different from one machine to the next).

BTW, when posting a sample image, please don’t scale it – we can run Eggplant against a full resolution image and figure out what’s happening, but a scaled image has lost too much information to be useful.