Keeping Airport running while computer is asleep

I’m running OSX 10.3.9 and was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to have the computer wake up from sleep for network activity via Airport. Currently, whenever the computer goes to sleep it completely loses the Airport connection.

I don’t want to keep my home computer awake all day, but I would like to be able to access it remotely without having to run an ethernet cord across my apartment. Yeah, it’s an old apartment with only one cable outlet which, of course, is on the other side of the apartment from where my computer is. Any ideas?


I don’t think that you can do this with Airport. If you don’t have a network connection you cannot wake your machine up remotely because there will be no way to communicate with your computer.

However, if you can connect your machine via ethernet it is possible to send a magic packet to your machine to get it to wake up. Follow this link for more information:

Here is another link to some information on a post about airport disconnects on sleep:

That’s an interesting question, we’ve never tried to wake an Airport connected machine.

Have you tried any of the utilities to wake from sleep that work with traditional (wired) ethernet cards? There are a few utilities available on VersionTracker.

Keep in mind that your MAC address (required to send a Wake-On-LAN packet) is different when using airport. You should be able to see it under the Airport tab in System Preferences -> Network.