Jenkins running execution license


We’ve currently got eggplant running on a bunch of VMs through jenkins and want to extend our tests to tablets and smartphones. We want to be able to run the tests off the vm eventually (using execution licenses), but at present if we set jenkins to run on a specified slave (again execution license) everything connects but the results folder isn’t created. We get the following error messages:

Eggplant[8004] WARNING: Unable to create results directory: D:\JenkinsData\JenkinsHome\jobs\AndroidTest\builds\2013-12-16_10-04-25
Eggplant[8004] Unable To Lock Statistics file - Could not save (null).
Error: 22
If your file system does not support file locking please use:defaults write Eggplant SuiteLockingEnabled NO

Any suggestions on what can be done, and how this setup can be improved.

It should help to turn off that suite locking. You can do that by executing this command AS the Jenkins user on the slave:

defaults write Eggplant SuiteLockingEnabled NO

(On Windows you will need to CD to the eggPlant program folder first)