Jenkins eggPlant integration..error message

Hi there,

I installed Jenkins in my local machine which also contains eggPlant controller and houses eggplant scripts. My SUT is in remote VM. I installed eggplant plugin for jenkins, created new build job and ran a job specifying a script to run. It ran but gave following errors. Looks like Jenkins is looking for License Server(?)

Building in workspace C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\SmokeTest_1
eggPlant execution started
[SmokeTest_1] $ “C:\Program Files (x86)\eggPlant\runscript.bat” C:\Users\sxs4439\Downloads\SandBox\eggPlant\TestCases.suite\Scripts\SmokeTestPHLandingPage.script -host -port 5910 -ReportFailures YES -DefaultDocumentDirectory “C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\SmokeTest_1” -GlobalResultsFolder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\SmokeTest_1”
2016-02-25 16:04:25.025 Eggplant[6616:6048] NSDocumentClass EGGDocument not NSDocument subclass
2016-02-25 16:04:25.025 Eggplant[6616:6048] screen 0 - hMon: 65537 frame:top:0 left:0 bottom:768 right:1024 frame: {x = 0; y = 0; width = 1024; height = 768}
2016-02-25 16:04:25.025 Eggplant[6616:6048] File WIN32Server.m: 1955. In -[WIN32Server(ServiceOps) isServiceInstalled:] service ‘Bonjour’ is installed
2016-02-25 16:04:25.025 Eggplant[6616:6048] File WIN32Server.m: 2002. In -[WIN32Server(ServiceOps) isServiceRunning:] service ‘Bonjour’ current state: 4
2016-02-25 16:04:26.026 Eggplant[6616:6048] File NSColor.m: 2105. In -[GSNamedColor initWithCoder:] adding to color list: System name: labelColor color: { ColorSpace = “NSCalibratedWhiteColorSpace”; W = “0”; Alpha = “1”; }
2016-02-25 16:04:26.026 Eggplant[6616:4904] Load C:\Program Files (x86)\eggPlant\\Resources\ABBYY\Bin\FREngine.dll
2016-02-25 16:04:26.026 Eggplant[6616:4904] Successfully loaded FREngine.dll
2016-02-25 16:04:26.026 Eggplant[6616:6048] File EggplantApplication.m: 554. In -[EggplantApplication applicationDidFinishLaunching:] Windows/mingw backtrace library loaded successfully
2016-02-25 16:04:26.026 Eggplant[6616:6048] File NSData.m: 259. In readContentsOfFile Open ((null)) attempt failed - bad path
2016-02-25 16:04:27.027 Eggplant[6616:4904] OCR enabled-unlimited usage
2016-02-25 16:04:36.036 Eggplant[6616:6048] Error launching task: C:\Program Files (x86)\eggPlant\\Resources\EggplantFLS.exe … NSOSStatusErrorDomain 193
2016-02-25 16:04:36.036 Eggplant[6616:6048] Unable to contact Team License Server
Process leaked file descriptors. See for more information
Finished: FAILURE
Runscript execution completed
Parsing results…
Finished parsing eggPlant results
Finished: SUCCESS

What is it that I am missing in my eggPlant Jenkins integration? And how do I solve it?

I believe this was also submitted and resolved via email.