Issues with time date formats

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with getting SenseTalk to recognise the time portion of this date time format “2019-06-04 01:30”.
When I try and extract the time components it always returns 12 as the hour and 0 as the minutes regardless of what the time is in the above string. The day, month and year work fine. I am certain Sensetalk recognises this format as the quote below is taken directly from the senseTalk documentation:

SenseTalk can recognize dates and times expressed in a wide variety of formats such as “4/22/67” or "1967-04-22 18:00."

Would someone be able to enlighten me on what I may be doing wrong or if this could be a possible bug as the format I have given matches exactly the 2nd format given in the quote above and so should work out of the box