Issues with Clicking after a Text search Of Images

The Image search works but I am not able to Click Buttons or Links which I was able to do with the Image Capture Technique used in Eggplant versions < 3.0

I get a number of false results where it says the Text is Present even if it is not present .e.g If there is a sign in button having the Text “Sign In” and I give “Sign In4444” there is a match


ask “Enter the Text to match”
put it into txtString

// make sure to update this property list with the appropriate colors and typeface appropriate to your situation
put (textBackgroundColor:(241,241,241), textColor:(0,0,0), underLine:“No”, bold:“No”, italic:“No”) into style

// add some fonts to try out here
put (“LucidaGrande”, “Monaco” ) into textFonts

repeat with font = each item in textFonts
repeat with tsize=10 to 20 step 1
if ImageFound(0, (text: txtstring, textFont:font, textSize: tsize, textStyle:style))
Click (text: txtstring, textFont:font, textSize: tsize, textStyle:style) // This does not click
answer “Font:” && font & return & “Size:” && tsize
exit all
end if
end repeat
end repeat

Can you let me know when the script of Text Regnition that you mentioned in of the Other Posts would be ready

If your buttons are pulsing you need to specify a search type of “Pulsing”. Manual image captures on pulsing buttons will set the search type to “Pulsing” automatically: which explains why capturing buttons the old fashion way works. For text images however, the search type will automatically assume the search type of “text”.

I’m not sure why you are getting false positive image matches on “Sign In4444”, but I suspect that it has to do with the search type. Try setting the search type to “pulsing” to see if this solves the issue.

Click (Text:"someText", TextFont:someFont, TextSize:someSize, SearchType:"Text&Pulsing")

For hyperlinks, try not to render the text with an under line. Hyperlink underlines are typically NOT rendered through the font rasterizer but are drawn in as graphics making them very difficult to match with a generated underlined text image. Therefore, it is best if you do NOT use the underline property to generate hyperlink text that is underlined.

Is there a way how I can control Turn Off the Underlining Hyperlinks for Safari/Mac ? How to do the same for Windows

Is it useful to use a CSS File via Safari Preferences to get around the Underline Problem

A:link, A:visited, A:active { text-decoration: underline }

Is this approach is possible Can you provide a sample CSS so that Recognition works mostly . Not very sure you might have better ideas

A:link, A:visited, A:active { text-decoration: None }