Is there away to reducing the number of images to collect?

We have an application that runs on the following platforms Red Hat 8+, SuSe, Solaris 8+, HPUX and AIX. Because each of these has their own OS styles, we are currently capturing images for each platform. :cry:

Any suggestions of how to reduce the number of images we need to collect :?:

We are currently investigating methods of configuring the VNC servers to render the tested application with the same font and style.

Any suggestions how to do this :?:
Or good sites with information on how to do detailed configuration of VNC servers :?:

I’m not sure of any of the details of your application, but we’re working with 4 different platforms – with OSX and WinXP being the biggest difference span.

We’ve managed to minimize the number of images needed to ‘do’ things, by centralizing as much central functionality as possible. i.e I have only one image for a combo box that will work anywhere. To move to a new platform it is just a matter of replacing that image.

However, I don’t have a good suggestion for dealing with ‘verification’ type images. I’m finding we’ll just need 4 different images in this case, for each pass/fail situation we hit. Though, if the verification image does happen to be the same on multiple platforms, we’ve set it up that the image can be stored in one location.

I can try to give more details if you have questions. Maybe the Redstone guys have some other good ideas!


While final solution to this problem has not been found…there are just too many moving parts on too many OS’s. :shock:

One of the more elegant partial solutions is the use of a font server with VNC. Instead of having each vnc server use it own font library, direct each VNC server to use a common font server.

The command, to launch vnc, is:
:arrow: ./vncserver -fp tcp/

Or, add just this to the vncserver config file’s font section-
:arrow: -fp tcp/