Is there a way to put links in the logs?

Is there a way to lets say, url link something when the program is running, and as part of the log you want them to click on a link if they choose, which takes them to maybe an internal or external website?

Basically can we log in html format at all?

No, there’s no way to put links in the logs. You can write your own routines to do HTML logging, and you can convert the logs eggPlant produces into HTML as described here.

yeah, we already use that…not what I wanted…

what about this?

(Text: "<b>This</b> is <i>cool</i> !!", UseMarkup: yes)

Oh, also I don’t mean “write” links or html to a txt file such as the log file, I mean display it through the “run” window as it’s happening…

No, still no way to do that and I don’t think the type of panel that the Run window is would even support it.

I really don’t understand what your example would do. The syntax is like what is used to search for text; it’s a property list, which by itself is not executable – it’s a data structure.

We’ll make a note of the request.