Is it possible to export a SenseTalk script to Excel

The reason why I ask is up till now I have been taking Test Plans from our application group in an Excel format and creating new tests within EggPlant. I am now creating all my new scripts in EggPlant and the application folks say they would like to see it in Excel. Personally I find Sensetalk very intuitive and easy to read and have labeled my objects so that they match the application. I do not know how much clearer they would need, Click UserName, TypeText John, but I am only a pawn on the chess board, and have to ask.

Does EggPlant have a program that will convert my scripts into a test plan or do you have a way to dump it into Excel?


Hi MarkHubs–

eggPlant Scripts are plain text files stored in the file system, so you can either attempt to open them in excel, or you can simply cut/paste into it.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Allen, I was hoping you had a test plan generator similar to RFT or Mercury.

Thanks for your response, Mark. I will pass this along as a feature request to our development team as a future enhancement.