Is it possible to capture gray images using Eggplant?

When i am trying to capture gray images, “Capture Image” icon is disabled and also when i do right click all the options are disabled.
But “Text Image” icon is enabled. Since i dont have the text details, i cannot save as text images.
Whether Eggplant supports capturing gray images?

Something else is going on here. EggPlant doesn’t know what you are trying to capture until you actually click one of the action buttons on the toolbar; only then does it look at what’s in the capture area to try to determine the appropriate Search Type for the image will be. There’s no issue with capturing gray images or images of any other color.

You don’t say which version of eggPlant you are running. Please contact support about this issue, providing information on the eggPlant version, the OS that you are running it on, and some screenshots demonstrating the issue that you are having and we can figure out what is actually happening.