invalid execution of suite from command line

I got a specific script to run okay with this command:

/applications/ ~/documents/eggplantscripts/classified/launchquitclasspeed.suite/scripts/launchclasspeed.script

but when I try this command to run a suite:

/applications/ ~/documents/eggplantscripts/classified/launchquitclasspeed.suite

I get this error (see below), any ideas?



151-8:/ bpack$ /applications/ ~/documents/eggplantscripts/classified/launchquitclasspeed.suite         2004-04-07 17:36:46.652 runscript[783] Setting User Flags from License:XXXX
2004-04-07 17:36:46.653 runscript[783] runscript (1.42) running in FULL mode on Host:95b3f248.
2004-04-07 17:36:46.751 runscript[783] Trying to connect - X.X.X.X: 5900
2004-04-07 17:36:46.851 runscript[783] Sending Password
2004-04-07 17:36:46.984 runscript[783] CONNECTING TO SERVER bpack-pc
Screen Size 1280 X 1024 [32 32 0 1]
2004-04-07 17:36:47.271 runscript[783] Connection Established
2004-04-07 17:36:47.285 runscript[783] /Users/bpack/documents/eggplantscripts/classified/launchquitclasspeed.suite - :
2004-04-07 17:36:47.288 runscript[783] Invalid Execution - Not Running For That Object
2004-04-07 17:36:47.288 runscript[783] Completed EggplantTestSuite launchquitclasspeed.suite
151-8:/ bpack$ /applications/ ~/documents/eggplantscripts/classified/launchquitclasspeed.suite

In order to run a “suite”, you need to have scripts listed in the Schedules tab of that suite. Running a suite actually means running the scheduled scripts for that suite; otherwise the best Eggplant could do would be to run your scripts in alphabetical order, which for most users wouldn’t produce the desired effect. Note that you’ll need to specify either in your scripts or on the command line what machine the scripts are to be run against.

:smiley: Cool that fixed it!