internal tunnel ok, external not working

I have vine server running on my iMac 24 inch(leopard) on port 5901
My Macbook air is running the viewer also on 5901.
Using my local address of thru ssh I’m able to connect to the server,
When I try using my external network using my static Ip address(public). I get authentication failure and asks for a password> I went to and it sees that it can receive a connection on display 0 at 5900, dispay 1 at 5901 and display 2 at 5902.

Any help would be appreciated


If you are connecting through SSH you need to forward port 22 (not ports 590x).

I forwarded both ssh 22 and 5901

Are you using Vine Viewer? That has options for creating the SSH tunnel for you. There isn’t enough information about how you are setting up SSH to know what the issue is.