Intermittant actions

Hi People,

Created some scripts that execute a number of simple actions, the setup however is using an Adderlink KVM with VNC installed onto it, connected to our SUT. Nice and simple.

egg Mgmt UAD > IPKVM > SUT

When running the script it may work five times without fail, for example clicking on the login icon. However on the sixth time it will read in the log that its clicked the login icon but the action is not executed and the script will then hang.

We have built in error captures and IF statements to deal with this should it happen but i believe it to be a timing issue between the SUT and VNC, has anyone else had any similar problems.

We have also changed and tried various settings like changing the mouseclickspeed to various speeds, but to no avail.

Any opinions, help or replies are most welcome!


You mention changing the mouseCickSpeed – do you mean the mouseClickDelay? When you were describing the issue, slowing that down to a value of .1 or so was my first thought. You might also try changing the mouseMoveDelay to a value of something like 10. This will slow down your script execution, but they probably don’t run that fast against the KVM anyway.

I can guarantee that eggPlant is sending the events to the KVM device; it’s how they are processed once they get to it where the problem lies, and the only way of influencing that behavior is to change the delays between those events.

Hi Matt,

Correct, mouseclickdelay, nextclickdelay, mousemovespeed… are all acitons we have increased and decreased but to no avail.

We did (late last year) have one of the testplant engineers/sales people visit our site, and he did see the problem we were having. We have tried to take on board what he (and now you) have suggested but we are still experiencing the intermittant actions.

But I do believe you are 100% correct in stating that the problem lies with either our SUT or IPKVM (a third party hosted system), intermittantly not recognising the actions. Extremely frustrating but a valued highlight provided by eggFunc.

For the moment we are going to continue with the slowing down of actions and building in fault tolerance to the scripts, but that seems like it could be never ending. If we suss anything out thats different, I shall keep the thread updated.

Thanks for the reply.