Install VNC Server on Remote Mac without display

I have a mac whose display has stopped working.
It did not have VNC server installed on it before the display stopped working.
Is there a way for me to Install VNC server on the remote mac?

I attempted starting the remote mac in FireWire Target mode.
Dragging the application into the application folder.
and double clicking on it.
Setting the settings.
But the server isn’t showing up.

Is this the correct method?
I fear even though the application is on the remote computer
the settings are being stored on my local computer.

Thank you.

That is indeed what is happening.

You have a few options now having installed the Application over there.

First, if you have SSH turned on you can boot up that machine, login and run the server directly from Command Line:


Alternatively, if you setup a System Server locally (by running the app) that will put some files in /Library/StartupItems/OSXvnc. If you copy that entire folder over to the same location on your other machine (and make sure the owner is root and the permissions are the same) then when you restart you should have a running VNC server.