initialsuite problem


I’m trying to use initialsuite command to add a top priority helper to my suite.
So, this is what I have
SuiteA <- set as initialsuite
SuiteB <- regular Helper suite
SuiteC <- The suite that I’m writing the code

In Suite C, I have a command like this
Click “Menu/File”

The problem is, the image “Menu/File” is in both SuiteA & SuiteB. As soon as Eggplant fails to look for that image in SuiteA, it fails the script without looking in SuiteB.

Is this by design or is it possible for Eggplant to look for that image in both places?


This would be by design – it looked for the image and didn’t find it, so it’s done. If the image wasn’t present in Suite A, then it would look for the one in Suite B if there was one there. In addition to acting as a form of Helper suite, the InitialSuites provide a mechanism for overriding existing functionality in a suite. So if you had script in your main suite, but you wanted that script to have different behavior under certain circumstances, you could put a different version of that script in a suite and put that suite in the InitialSuites and your alternate script would be the one that got run.

Is there no way for Eggplant to look for the images in both place then?

No, there isn’t a way for eggPlant to do that via the InitialSuites or Helper suites mechanisms. The Image Collection feature was designed to handle the situation where you need to allow eggPlant to look for multiple versions of an image, so that may fit your needs better.

If you were really desperate for this to work, you could also write a custom handler that takes an image name and iterates through the InitialSuites and the Helper suites to build fully qualified path names to any images it finds matching the passed in name. Then you could pass those fully qualified paths as the target images for the desired command. But that’s a lot of work.