INIT_Processeses(), could not establish the default connecti

I am running a script remotely where I am sshing to the server with eggplant then running the following command in the script:

Applications/ /r/ /r/ -host -port 5900 -password cellphone -CommandLineOutput NO

When I run this script, I get the following error:
NIT_Processeses(), could not establish the default connection to the WindowServer./Applications/ line 16: 920 Abort trap $0.bk $*

Is this a permissions issue or is it trying to start up the GUI? I am logged into that server and EggPlant at time of running this script remotely. I have tried running while logged out as well.

FYI: X11 Forwarding is set to no in the config file

If you’ve only got a single license of Eggplant, then Eggplant can’t be running when you execute it from the command line. I think if you quit Eggplant (but stay logged in), you’ll have more success.

You might also need to run as root, so use sudo to elevate your permissions.