Inconsistent scrolling on drop-down menu in Flash

Hi all,

I’ve had a go with the search function, but can’t find anything similar to this.

Part of the test I’m working on involves changing a font via a Flash interface. In human terms, this involves clicking on the font menu, scrolling down the list, and clicking the correct font. This is my (rather clunky) code:

click “fontdropdown”
drag imagelocation(“fontdropdown”) + (0,40)
drop imagelocation(“fontdropdown”) + (0,80)

The menu is dragged correctly, but it frequently finishes the drag at the wrong point on the menu. I have tried reducing the mouseDragSpeed and mouseMoveDelay values, but this doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

Unfortunately, the interface does not support scrolling with the mouse wheel, or jumping to a particular letter using the keyboard, so any suggestions are more than welcome!

I think the problem is that the imageLocation() changes. I think you want code more like this:

click "fontdropdown"
drag foundImagelocation() + (0,40)
drop foundImagelocation() + (0,80) 

That will use the location where the image is initially found throughout the rest of the code.