Impression to be captured

I have an issue in capturing a impression which appears above the image which just blinks and then disappears immediately. If i will make the script to wait but the impression do not wait. How do i manage this.
I was able to capture the image but it was not possible for the script to find the image.

Your best bet is going to be to use

set the searchRectangle to (x1, y1, x2, y2)

to make sure that Eggplant is looking only at the area of the screen where the image flashes. You can use images to describe the corners of the rectangle like this:

set the SearchRectangle to (imageLocation("imageToUpperLeftOfArea"), imageLocation("imageToLowerRightOfArea"))

. If you use this approach, you need to make sure to run this command after the search to set the searchRectangle back to the whole screen:

set the searchRectangle to remoteScreenRectangle()

For a single image, you can also set the search rectangle in the imageInfo property list:

Click (imageName:"someImage", SearchRectangle: (imageLocation("imageToUpperLeftOfArea"), imageLocation("imageToLowerRightOfArea")))

If you use this technique then you don’t need to reset the searchRectangle; the restricted search is used only for the specified image.

All of this assumes that there’s no way to make the image in question reappear or stay visible by hovering over a specific area of the screen, which would make your search easier.