Image wait parameter for entire script

I’m testing a website which sometimes can be quite slow. Instead of putting a

WaitForAny 5.00, “image”

In front of each offending image can I SET something for the whole script that will wait 5 seconds before declaring an image not found?

Something like the remote work interval?

set the remoteWorkInterval to 1.1


set the imageSearchTime to 5 seconds

You may also want to look at the imageSearchCount and imageSearchDelay, which are the components that make up the imageSearchTime.

Here is a simple script you can run to see the values and how they change when you set the imageSearchTime. Note closely what the pattern of value changes is doing, Eggplant automatically does the adjustments for you of the composite values …

set the scriptLogging to off
repeat with x = 0 to 10 step .2
 put ( the imageSearchTime, the imageSearchCount, the imageSearchDelay )
 set the imageSearchTime to x
end repeat

If you have not changed Eggplant’s…

Preferences… -> Run Options -> Screen -> Search Timing

components you may like see something like this…

Fri, 5/16/08 3:40:46 PM START Running DanceOnNuts.script

[ … deleted for brevity … ]

Fri, 5/16/08 3:40:47 PM SUCCESS Execution Time 0:00:00 DanceOnNuts.script

Let us know how things work out.

I have my “Suite” of scripts in a Master script. Can I set this parameter in the master or do I need to set it in each script?

If I set it in the master will the same parameter with a different time supersede the time set in the master?


The global properties (such as imageSearchTime) are “global” across all scripts. Once you set them during a run, they stay set until you change them. They are reset to their default values only at the start of a run.