Image transparency

We have changed our image drawing routines to fix a bug and that has subtly changed almost every image my scripts used. The difference is slight, but enough that eggPlant can no longer recognize images it found yesterday.

I have tried changing the tolerance level in the preferences but that hasn’t worked so far and I was hoping that some one has a suggestion that doesn’t involve me recapturing all of the relevant images?

It’s hard to suggest a generic approach. If you could share even one set of images (before and after) then we might have a better chance of recommending something.

I have included 2 sets of images. The images with “(2)” in the name are the new images we create and the others are the ‘old’ images that I currently use in my scripts, which won’t work any more.

I also included two screenshots of the images compared with Beyond Compare 3.

I appreciate your time and hope there is some way to avoid recapturing the 1200 or so images that my Mac scripts use.

The file was zipped using 7zip.