Image Search on Android

Hi ,

First of all thanks to all the moderators and members for this excellent platform. This is my first post and I hope that I will be able to contribute and learn a lot from this channel.

Coming to my issue, I am trying to search for an Image on Android device and the issue is that the image can be anywhere and there can be multiple home screens depending upon the apps installed on the device. I have written the following bit of code but instead of drag and drop eggplant clicks the image at the mentioned co-ordinate and then it comes to the default home screen as an icon.

Can someone please advice.

If ImageFound (“HomeKey”)

Click "HomeKey"


Log "This is I Phone"
(* I Phone Flow*)

End If

put the remoteWorkInterval into oldRWI

log oldRWI

put 0.2 into the remoteWorkInterval

Repeat until ImageFound(“Image1”)

log remoteWorkInterval

set the mouseDragSpeed to 4

Drag (94,242)

Drop (83,509)

End Repeat

Click “Image1”


Note: Moderators, I have posted the same query under VNC section in error. Can I ask you to delete that post please.

Hi, Can someone please provide some assistance.



This is something that may be easier to help you with if there’s a screenshot to look at. Please write in to support and send a screenshot or two demonstrating the different home screens and the issue you are seeing.

Additionally, the title of your post says that you are using Android, but your code references an iPhone. Which are you testing against? If you are trying to test against both this may be part of your problem.