Image Collection Search Order

What order does eggplant search for images when using an image collection? Alphabetical? Is there a way to control the order?

I thought it was alphabetical, but that is not the behavior I am seeing. Here is my situation; I have an image collection with three images for a window; image of title bar of window when the window has focus, image of title bar of window when the window does not have focus, and an image of the icon for the window in the system bar. The names are similar to WindowFocus, WIndowNoFocus, and WindowSysBar. The hope is if images in an image collection are searched alphabetically, then WindowFocus would be search first, followed by WindowNoFocus. If these two are not found, then WindowSysBar would be searched and if found be clicked to bring the window to the front. This would eliminate the need to do if/else code in which the if would search for the window and the else would click the system bar icon to bring the window to the front.

The search does go through the images alphabetically. I’ve conducted some simple tests that verify that behavior in the current release. If you’re not seeing that behavior, it may be that the image that you expect to be found first is not actually matching.