I'm having some trouble identifying fonts of MAC

I’m having some trouble identifying and helping determine what fonts are installed on my MAC OSX SUT., I don’t always know which font to use for testing purposes. What tools could I use to help identify and catalog/inventory a SUT’s fonts? (Mac Ox , Leapord Version)

You can see all of the installed fonts in /Library/Fonts. There’s not currently an easy way of determining which font/size is being used at a particular point on the screen. There are some standard fonts used by the Mac interface for particular UI elements and those are encapsulated in the styles included with Eggplant. For other fonts in your app, we recommend that if you’re part of a QA team (or even if you’re the whole team), that you specify to the developers that a description of the fonts used is part of the deliverable when they hand a build over to testing. If you’re not able to get that information from them, then unfortunately it becomes a matter of trial and error.

Lastly, please make sure that you’re using the TIG feature appropriately – just because an element contains text doesn’t mean that using the TIG is automatically the best way to script against it. For text that doesn’t change from one run to another, plain old image capture is quick and reliable. Save the TIG approach for text that changes dynamically based on inputs or for doing localization testing.

I wrote a little script that tried the most popular fonts in the typical font sizes - Lucida Grande, Arial, Helvetica, etc… and 11, 12, 13, 14 pt fonts). After a while, you recognize them :-).