Identifying arbitrary data items in a moving matrix

I am trying to identify rows and columns of data in a matrix that has no clear lines in it. The data items are separated only by spaces. I am trying to read what is in each cell and coallate it into a list of objects sorted from top to bottom.

Attached is an example of the kind of table I’m looking at.

My first instinct was to define a set of search rectangles and read in each cell and then sort by x and y coordinates. The issue is there are several of these types of matrices in my software and I would have to define search rectangles for all of them. I am looking for a smarter way to do it.

Any thoughts on what capabilities would exist to help with this?

Your example is a good candidate for a scripted approach that we call the CharacterPalette. Please contact support via e-mail with a description of your issue and we’ll be happy to work with you to get the solution working in your environment.