IDE Development: ideas for the future

When typing in a function or handler name, I would like to see a tooltip that shows the parameters and what they are for. These could be pulled from specially formatted comments at the start of the handler/function. The same could be done for built in functions like imagefound(), readtext(), ect… Even going so far as to have an option to display optional parameters; such as if I put a list with Text:“something” it will give me a list of all the text parameters that I can never remember.

Auto-use of F5 would also be nice (even if it’s an option I have to opt-in for). While typing the list would just get shorter until it has the command that I am typing is the only thing left or I could choose one and hit tab to complete it with out having to ever hit F5. Also to have script names and handlers from certain suites added to this list via some statement at the top of the script would be astounding. Example: The top of the script would have something like #General.suite or a full path to the suite. This adds it to the final suites and the scripts are added to the ‘complete’ list. Then I could type ‘script.’ and a list of handlers/functions are presented.

Options to add controls to other windows. For instance I would like the ability to add pause/steps/Show Suite/Edit Script to the Viewer window (I know, I’m insane).

Wow! Thanks for your suggestions.

I can’t give you specifics as to when you’ll see some of these features but you’ll be happy to know that part of the next major release of eggPlant is a redesign of the the IDE/UI so we will definitely keep these comments in mind as we are working on it.

Thanks for using eggPlant.