How to verify a text on screen against a given text

Hi Moderators,
I need to check if our Software has updated to the latest built.
This Built-version is placed on the screen after update and my approach is to compare the text within the script. At the beginning of the script I want to pre-define e.g. "Set currentbuilt to “19.10.7954” and after update I want to read the text from screen to a second variable loggedbuilt and compare both with “if currentbiult equal loggedbuilt” …

How do I read the text from the screen into the variable “loggedbiult” ?
I assume I need to place a rectangle, but how to get the text instead of image ?
Or is there another, perhaps more elegant possibility ?

I added a small screen-shot. I would need to check “19.10.7954”, once


Sorry, but I found a solution already in a previous post using
“put ReadText ((“TopLeftImage”,“BottomRightImage”)) into NumVar”

Please delete my post !


You can also look here for tips to get the best results when using the OCR functionality: