How to start OSXvnc by command line

I tried searching for it but could not find it. What and where is the command for starting OSXvnc server?


I found mine in Applications/System-Under-Test Utilities.

I am connected threw ssh. What command do I put in. I tried ./OSXvnc and got and error.

The command line server can be launched from inside the application wrapper as OSXvnc-server.

Example: /Applications/Vine\

For a list of arguments refer to the Vine Server Manual - Appendix: Command Line Arguments or launch it with the -help argument.

I finally figured it out. This is the solution:

sudo /Applications/ -rfbport 5901

You have to have root or special privelages to start it.


Thanks for the reply… it looks like we were posting at the same time. I am going to take a look at the manual link. Thanks again.

You can also launch it if you are the “Console User”, meaning the same user who is logged into the GUI and have launched a terminal. But in other situations you must be a priveledged user to launch it, you also need root permission to launch it on a port below 1024.

Edit: Anytime, happy to help anyone with a link to a “Festivus” site!

I made sure my sut user was the console user. However, it still doesn’t launch for me.

kCGErrorRangeCheck : Window Server communications from outside of session allowed for root and console user only

If I do “who” I get:

sut console

If I su to a user (me) that I ssh’d in on, and then launch, it displays MY desktop, not my sut user. I gleaned the Vine Server manual, but I don’t think this is going to work unless my sut user is in sudo’ers (which I don’t want to do).

Is that correct? I’m on v 2.1.

If you are using 10.3 then you can ONLY display the desktop of the user on the main screen, you can’t access the SUT user unless you are running 10.4.

Could that be the problem?

Nope… latest everything: 10.4.9 on PPC.

You shouldn’t need your SUT user to be a sudo’er, you just need to su to that user (or log in as him directly) to be able to launch a server that shows his GUI.