How to speed up the reponsiveness?


I tried using Vine 2.1 on my Macbook with RealVNC 4.2 on a Windows XP. Both computer were connected to our college internet network, Macbook through wireless and the remote desktop through ethernet. Normally, both connections have over 1MB real transfer speed. The responsiveness, however, was really bad and it was pretty much unusable. What can I do to make it run faster?

When I tried to change the colors in RealVNC to 8bit, nothing changed. Neither the colors nor the responsiveness.


Since you tuned down to 8 bit, and still no speed increase occured, this is an indication that somewhere between you and your PC there is someone with a limiting factor router or firewall configuration that is going to always make your day difficult. You may want to talk to your schools sys admins to see if they are throttling ports, particularly 5900-5909 range for this exact purpose, to reduce time sliced consumption of bandwidth by VNC users.