How to select Multiple non adjacent rows from a grid.

I?m having an issue with selecting Multiple Non adjacent rows at a time from the Grid.
Say, there is 2 Records of Allen in 1st, 2nd rows. Three Records of John , in 7,8,9th Row. I need to select all 5 At a time and Click Transfer.

Any Help…



I think what you want to do is to use a click plus a modifier key. So if your app uses a control key to make non-contiguous selections, your script would look something like this:

TypeText ControlDown
Click "Allen"
Click "Jenkins"
Click "Smith"
TypeText ControlUp (* Make sure to release the modifier *)

Note that you could also install and use the Windows text image generator (TIG) to make your script more dynamic. Instead of having to capture images of the row data, you can dynamically generate images of the data. That way you could quickly create data driven tests that used much more of your sample data. Let us know if you need more information on how that would work.

Matt Hicks
Technical Support Engineer, Redstone Software