How to schdule and run test suite automatically


I am using windows version.
I was able schedule to run eggplant server automatically. But I am not able to schedule the test suite though. In different email, i had mentioned I figured it out using windows schedule. That only helped to run the eggPlant server. But I am still struggling on how to run batch file (test suite) automatically using windows schedule.

Can you help in figuring this out?


Any progress made in this area since your post that could be shared?

I also am watching for an answer to this question for the Windows version. Thanks for posting it.

In the Mac version, I set up a Crontab command to start eggPlant and execute a specific script using Runscript… something like this:

/Applications/ /Users/myUserName/Documents/MySuite.suite/Scripts/myScript.script

How do you tell the eggPlant for Windows version which script to execute?

Any progress on this Post.Its been a very long time.I too need this option