how to reset the result report


Is there a way to reset the two XML or CSV files in the Results folder? code or manual.

[suite name]_Statistics.xml

I am using Release 17.0.3 on Windows 7.


You would need to delete those files and all of the results. If you don’t delete all of the results, eggPlant will use them to regenerate the SuiteStatistics.

That was the first thing that I did. I have deleted my “Results” folder and run one test afterward. I see the .xml file shows the very previous results which I didn’t run. I suppose it should only show one test.
beside “[suite name].suite/Results” is there any other folder that I should remove?

Did you delete the [suite name]_Statistics.xml and the SuiteStatistics.csv files? What kind of system are you running eggPlant on? If you are running on a Mac, a lot of stuff gets cached. You might need to delete everything and then quit and relaunch eggPlant.

the only step that I was missing was to restart eggPlant. I noticed that eggPlant has to be closed to effectively delete those folders.