how to read multiple data from excel sheet

jack Sparow
mike Hussey

these are my excel sheet data.
i want to read all data
in script i have image first name and last name.
i got the first value of firstname and last name.but when it go to 2nd row script failed image not found.
put file “C:\Users\H-O-M-E\Desktop\make.csv” into po
delete line 1 of po
(set the itemDelimiter to tab)
repeat with data = each line of po

Click "fn"
Typetext item 1 of data
delete item 1 of data
Click "ln"
TypeText item 2 of data 

end repeat

where i am go wrong…

The problem is that you’re deleting item 1 from data and then trying to read item 2. There is no item 2 at that point, because it has become item 1. As far as I can tell, there’s no reason to delete item 1.