How to hold a key to change the button text: two parts

I’m new to Eggplant testing.

In my application, there is a button which says Settings. When a user holds down the “Option” key (“Windows” key on the PC), the button changes text to become “Options”. Then I need to click the Options button to change a password.

Part 1: If Eggplant is running on a mac and I VNC to the PC, Should I be sending Mac-keyboard commands or PC-keyboard commands?

Part 2: In Eggplant, how do I hold down the Option/Windows key so that it changes the screen . . . and then click the image?

You’ll send PC commands to the PC SUT.

To hold down the key, you can do this:

keydown windowsKey
click "OptionsButton"
KeyUp windowsKey

This should be fairly simple once I learn the ins and outs of this app. thanks.

When I try to capture the “Options” key, I have to hold the option down. However, I can’t click the button to enter the image capture mode. Is there any trick around that?

Put the Remote Screen Window into Capture Mode. Manually enter the code to put the Windows key down, highlight it, and click the Run Selection button on the Script Editor toolbar. That should put the button in the right mode so that you can capture it. Then enter and highlight the code to release the Windows key and do Run Selection again. Now you can continue on with creating the script.

This sort of scripting issue is rare; it’s generally possible to capture about 99% of all the actions that you’d need in a basic script without resorting to techniques like the above.